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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 29, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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consequences for misleading americans about what happened in libya. wasting no time, obama administration officials and congressional democrats are coming to rice's defense, saying she went on the sunday talk shows and gave the "best information and best assessment that the administration had at the time." national security council spokesman tommy vitt just-released statement saying rice has done extraordinary work at the united nations and for the american people. the president appreciates the work she does every day and is looking forward to her continued work. congressman king is joining us now with his thoughts on all this. congressman king, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> do you believe that ambassador rice is part of a deliberate cover-up to mislead the public on the events surrounding the attack in banghazi? >> ambassador rice was deliberate misleading the american people or showed a lack of knowledge and sophistication
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she shouldn't hold that position anymore. the administration has misinformed the american people, misinformed the world, and she was their spokeswoman, our representative to the world in terms of explaining what happened. virtually everything she said was wrong. the administration is trying to cover it up saying she was given the best information she had available at the time. they knew there was a lot of information they didn't have. they knew there was a large amount at the very least essentialial evidence showing it was a terrorist attack, yet she went on stating the video was the cause of it when she knew that was an al-qaeda-laden region, terrorist attacks there in the past, and had to know the type of direct and indirect fire was so sophisticated this bean carried out by some random mob. she should have said, we don't have the evidence yet, however we believe there's evidence that terrorists were involved, but we'll hold off our final decision. instead she basically categorically ruled out terrorist involvement and attributed it all the film,
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which was absolutely wrong. >> fox news has confirmed that intelligence officials knew within 24 hours that the events in banghazi was indeed a terrorist attack. the question remains, why did ambassador rices in five days after that attack that it was a spontaneous reaction to an obscure anti-muslim film? >> my belief is the administration wanted this story out because it were a terrorist attack, as it was, this would undermine the president's position that somehow al-qaeda had been decimated, implying that al-qaeda was no longer a threat. if we did have a terrorist attack, which we did, and four americans were killed, including the ambassador, then that would undermine a large part of the president's foreign policy position in this campaign. so i think a lot of it was done too electoral politics to cover the president's failure and try to go along with this false narrative that he had in effect defeated al-qaeda when he hadn't. >> that begs the question, if she was sticking to a planned script, it leads one to ask, who was telling ambassador rice, and
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jay carney, to use those words, spontaneous incident, when officials knew it wasn't? >> we need an investigation. that's why i'm saying right now, the person out there, the person who was going to get all the glory, doing ought the morning shows, was ambassador rice. to send a clear message to the world, to the american people that this will not be tolerated, ambassador rice should resign, but also we should investigate and find out how high up this went. i would hope the administration would voluntarily come forward and say why they gave out this false information when they had to know there was so much else out there, yet they wanted to rule out terrorism from the start. >> what about the fact that the fbi was being sent to the site, even though the area has been compromised? >> the f.b.i. does a great job. the crime scene has been totally compromised. it's been 2 1/2 weeks and the fbi hasn't been able to get there. this whole idea of relying on the fbi goes back to a pre-9/11
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mentality when we're treating them as crimes rather than acts of terrorism. the fbi can do all it can do, but we don't need the fbi to tell us whether this was a terrorist attack. the fbi could be helpful in tracking some of those involved, but to rely on the fbi this way, again, is going back to a pre-9/11 mind-set. we saw what that did on 9/11. >> sure did. so are you saying that the president and his team simply don't want the public to know the truth, that on 9/11, our security was tight enough, there may be al-qaeda linked to the attack, and we didn't
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scandal that's continuing to grow. the problem now spreads statewide. senior correspondent eric shawn is here with the latest on the investigation. eric? >> now there's suspected problems with registration forms in 10 counties, and the republican-hired company that was hired to register voters is this weekend defending itself. the firm is strategy allied consulting. it registered voters in five battleground states by the republicans, but been fired by the republican national committee and several state parties. in florida, so far, just over 100 signatures submitted in palm beach county have been flagged
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for problems, for example, some believed to be fraudulent, but the company points out that more than 2,000 people were working for it in the state, and says the problem was traced to one person. in a statement the company says, in part, "we were able to identify that the cards in question were all the work of one individual. we are very proud of our work product. unfortunately not everyone takes the issue of fraud seriously. when someone commits voter fraud, it is an affront to everyone living in this country." election officials noted voter fraud can undermine the credibility of the election system, especially in the state that decided the contentious 2000 presidential race. >> anytime somebody that's not in the elections business comes in and does things that causes voters to doubt whether or not their vote will count, it actually affects voter turnout in a negative fashion. it causes voters to think that the whole system is not working. well, the system's working. it's people outside the system coming into it trying to profit
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from it. when folks try to profit from the chaos, it affects the turnout and it's unfortunate. >> fake names on registration forms connect echoed the scandal in 2008 that hurt acorn, the activist group. dozens of acork workers have been convicted, and acorn pled guilty in a voter registration felony case in indiana. there's been indictments of four democratic and election officials, facing trial in january. as for strategic allied consulting, it says it's registered more than 500,000 voters in the past eight years, but now the latest allegations have been referred to florida prosecutors. of course if you suspect voter fraud or problems at the poll where you live, our address is >> thank you for the update on
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the story. a boston chemist could face more charges for allegedly falsifying drug test results. he was arrested yesterday. he allegedly tested more than 60,000 samples for roughly 34,000 defendants. right now legal experts are sifting through thousands of criminal cases that could have been affected by those inaccurate tests. the massachusetts public health commissioner has stepped down and the lab she worked at has been closed. well, you just heard congressman peter king's take on what should happen to ambassador rice. how do you defend telling the american people four americans were all murdered all because of a movie? air anfair and balanced, what the democrats are saying. and massachusetts governor mitt romney has answered the call from some republicans to get tougher on the campaign trail. is it tough enough? later on we'll ask the man who many people call the romney attack dog. former new hampshire governor john sununu will join us. don't go away.
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governor mitt romney. the president taking heat for meeting with leaders at the united nations this week. the white house says when netanyahu and the president spoke by phone both agreed iran can't be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. mitt romney spoke with netanyahu about iran, a country he calls the world's greatest national security threat. >> we very much have the same interest, to make sure that iran does not develop nuclear capabilities, which would threaten the existence of israel, threaten a devastation potentially in other nations of the world, and we must make every effort to prevent them from developing that nuclear capability. >> romney has called for "crippling sanctions to be put in place against iran." >> now, i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. i believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our
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common humanity. it is an insult not only to muslims, but to america as well. >> the obama administration has changed its story several times about what happened in libya. first they blamed it on a movie, but now top administration officials are saying without question terrorists killed these four americans. some republicans claim there's a cover-up and are demanding answers from the obama administration. joining us now brad wood house, communications director for the democratic national committee, who's joining us in our studios. welcome, great to you have here. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk for a moment what's going on right now. why is the president continuing to refer to the video, to that clip of the movie as a source for the problems of what's going on with the unrest in the middle east, even though it's already been stated, in effect, this was indeed a terrorist attack against our consulate there in libya. >> let's be clear, the first day after the attack, the president talked about it as terror. but these assessments go on. there would be no reason to have an investigation if the initial
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assessment always proved to be correct. we do know there was protests around the world as a result of the video, but the intelligence services have looked into this and they do believe that what happened in libya was deliberate, that it was terrorism, and the president believes that. >> it's interesting, but people are raising the question, why does he continue to refer to the movie, even in the u.s.? >> what he said before the world body was that no movie, no video, can be a justification for violence. now some of these protests we know were -- were as a result of the video. he's putting a marker down saying no one can use this as an excuse to perpetrate violence against the united states. but look, there's an investigation going on, that the state department has an investigation going on. you know, we'll get involved in this. the president's top priority is securing our diplomats, making sure americans are safe, that we get the killers. >> you got a big debate coming up. >> absolutely. >> expectations running high. >> yeah. it's interesting to note that the press secretary said, quote, that he's had to balance
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management of the world events, taking time from campaigning, having to cancel campaign events from the events in the middle east. does this mean the campaign is trying to lower the expectations of the president's performance? >> this is a president that hasn't participated in a campaign in four years. campaign debate in four years. they've had substantially less time to prepare than mitt romney. mitt romney devoted three full days in vermont to debate preparations. the president is lucky to be able to devote three consecutive hours to debate preparation. >> it is something that you have to do to lower the expectations, because expectations are running quite high on both sides about the debate itself, what we can expect to see. >> well, i think everybody's expectations are running high. generally challengers win the first debate, especially against incumbents, because incumbents have not had the opportunity to
9:19 am
debate in several years. >> you're already conceding the challenger might win this debate? >> i think there's a good chance governor romney will win this debate. look, he won virtually every debate during the republican primaries. he actually dispatched no newt gingrich, demolishe demolished e florida debate. the president is very good at delivering a message to the american people, but generally more like you saw at the democraticn, in kind of a longer format. it's going to be a challenge to get down to those little -- >> i find it interesting that already you're trying to dispel any motion that the president might win this thing, that you're concerned for him to win. >> it will difficult for him to win the first one mitt romney has debated, and the president hasn't debated in the past four years in terms of a campaign debate. the president will hold his own, but he's not known for
9:20 am
soundbites. these are 60 seconds, 90 second responses, and learned in the paper today that's how mitt romney is practicing. he's practicing zingers to try to get under the president's skin. you know, the president operates differently. >> you don't want him to come off as professorial like he does at times? >> he wants to talk about the country, where he wants to take the country. interesting to see if mitt romney brings more than zingers, trying to get under the president's skin. nice to come with substance, talk about his tax plan or plan to voucherrize his healthcare. >> thank you for joining us. i know you'll be watching the debate. it's going to be a great week coming up. >> thank you so much. >> with the first presidential debate set for this week in colorado, we want to hear what you think about the effect of
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the presidential debates. will the presidential debates determine who you vote for. find out about unique global taxes are being proposed. and it's the first face-to-face duel of the presidential election. john sununu will tell us what to expect during the debate. stay with us. ♪ keys, keys, keys, keys, keys. ♪ well, he's not very handsome ♪ to look at [ sighs ] ♪ oh, he's shaggy ♪ and he eats like a hog [ male announcer ] the volkswagen jetta. available with advanced keyless technology. control everything from your pocket, purse, or wherever. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ that dirt old egg-suckin' dog ♪
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>> welcome back, even. in light of the unrest in egypt and much of the middle east, the chairwoman of the house committee that oversees foreign aid is trying block hundreds of millions of dollars from going to egypt. it's the bottom of the hour. peter is standing by with more of that story and the rest of your top headlines. peter? >> kay granger is fighting to hold back $450 million in aid to
9:26 am
egypt. yesterday the state department notified congress of plans to send the money over egypt. right now u.s./egyptian relations are strained at best given the recent anti-american protests. new developments on a fox news exclusive on a proposed global tax on the rich. the u.n. general assembly plans to discuss a series of international taxes among the global taxes being considered a 1% tax on billionaires around the world and a fee taxed on to airline tickets. rising concerns of flooding in connecticut where residents on the shoreline are using rowboats on flooded roads. many local businesses are already underway and it's a similar situation in midland, texas, where rescue workers are pulling stranded portists from - motorists from their cars. the first presidential debate is four days away. the university of denver is making the final preps for the big night. right now both candidates will use part of this weekend to prepare. those are the top stories right now. back to you.
9:27 am
>> peter, thank you very much. >> well, as calls for u.n. ambassador susan rice to resign surface in the republican ranks, democrats both in the obama administration and on the hill are coming to the ambassador's defense. molly hennenberg has the latest on this story. molly? >> congressman peter king, the republican chair of the house homeland security securities committee is the first lawmaker to call for u.n. ambassador susan rice's resignation. he objects to her going on the sunday talk shows two weeks ago and stating that the libya attack appeared to be a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim video when there was already evidence that it may have been a terror attack. >> either ambassador rice was deliberately misleading the american people or showed such a lack of knowledge and sophistication she shouldn't hold the position anymore. the entire administration has misinformed the american people, misinformed the world, and she
9:28 am
was their spokeswoman, our representative to the world. virtually everything she said was wrong. >> others are praising ambassador rice, a spokesman for president obama saying she's done extraordinary work at the united nations, and the state department says she provided the information there was at the time. another statement, i'm particularly troubled for calls for ambassador rice's resignation. she's a remarkable public servant for whom the liberation of the libya people has been a personal issue and public mission. she's an enormously capable person who has represented us at the united nations with strength and character. still sources tell fox news that its intelligence officials knew within one day of the assault that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others that it was a coordinated terror attack, likely tied to al-qaeda. a statement yesterday by a spokesman for the director of
9:29 am
the national intelligence said, the intelligence committee believes at first that this was a spontaneous mob action, and that it was communicated to the obama administration, then later revised to say that it was a, quote, deliberate and organized terrorist attack carried out by extremists. it's unclear, though, when that assessment was revised, because ambassador rice was still describing it as spontaneous five days after the attack. >> molly, thank you. well, governor romney is spending his weekend off the campaign trail and prepping for his first big debate against president obama. the romney campaign says it is expecting some tough barbs from a candidate well versed in presidential debates, but the governor is no spraininger to debates as well, setting expectations high for the first face-off. former new hampshire governor john sununu is joining us now to tell us what governor romney needs to do to make a difference in this race. governor, great to have you here. welcome. >> it's nice to be here. happy saturday. >> happy saturday to you too.
9:30 am
many are saying this first debate is a make or break moment for mitt romney. do you agree? >> well, look, i listened to the democratic representative that was on earlier, and i found it fascinating about the way they're trying to play down the president's chances in this. i guess they're really worried he'll have to talk without a teleprompter, and that certainly puts him at a disadvantage. i think mitt romney is going to go into this debate recognizing that it's an opportunity for america to see him standing side by side with the president, and america's going to have to judge which one of these two individuals they want to come and solve the problems that the president is leaving us. i think it's going to be an opportunity for the governor to show america that he cares about the problems of individuals and communities in the country, that he can solve the problem as he did when he solved the problems of the olympics and came into massachusetts and turned deficits into surpluses, and
9:31 am
that he actually is committed to doing this, and that he will do it because he has a record of fulfilling the commitments he makes to solve problems. i think that's what -- what he will try and convey. >> let's talk about libya for a moment. you've gone on the recording saying ambassador stevens suffered the consequences, in your words, of a lazy, detached president. that's tough criticism out there. >> that's right. >> why do you stand by that? >> well, look, what we have is a situation all over the middle east, and you showed some clips of what's happening in pakistan. we have -- we have taken a difficult situation and turned it into a disaster, because we have a president that thought he was somehow going to charm that part of the world into loving america. what he's done is increased the antagonism toward america there by having a failed foreign policy. and harry truman used to say, "the buck stops here" talking about the presidency. and the buck should stop at the president's desk.
9:32 am
he has created that climate. he has created the anti-american sentiment. and he was the one that was trying to sell us a bill of goods that al-qaeda no longer -- al-qaeda no longer had any strength, that terrorism had been defeated in the middle east. this president has failed to do what he was trying to convince us he had done. that's why i say that's a problem. the laziness part, in my opinion, comes from his failure to stay up to date on the intelligence briefings that he -- that people prepare for. the evidence is that he missed almost 60% of the face-to-face briefings with the cia and substituted for that a quick skimming of what -- what the summery piece of paper on his ipad. there's no substitute for that discussion for a president to be up to date. in my opinion, it's the most important half hour of the day. >> let me ask you, what's going on right now, from you've seen over the last 24 hours or so, do you feel this is all part of a
9:33 am
big cover-up to protect the president? >> i think there was a deliberate effort in the white house when they panicked at seeing what was going on across north africa to figure out how to convey to america that what they had been saying about al-qaeda being, in essence, wiped out and telling america, having told america, that terrorism was no longer a serious issue, they fought awfully hard to put a process and a story out there that suggested otherwise, that it was not a terrorist situation. the fact that ambassador rice five days afterwards, where clearly the evidence shows that people buy then realized it was a terrorist attack, the fact that the white house pushes ambassador rice out on to five talk shows as a deliberate effort, and then the president goes before the u.n. and says video, video, video, even beyond that time period, tells me that they are still working hard,
9:34 am
trying to suggest that it was not a terrorist attack. that's just dishonest. >> governor sununu, always great to see you with your insights. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you very much. >> "fox news sunday" has scored a big interview. congresswoma.vice presidential l ryan will join us. he'll talk about the debate. >> we owe the country of a clear different future. we can have a growing economy or a stagnant economy that fosters dependencesy. >> it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive you don't want to miss. tune in tomorrow, check your local listings for the channel.
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>> they have been briefed by the secretary of state and intelligence officials, lawmakers of both sides of the aisle are asking the obama administration for more information on the embassy tack in libya. according to congressman dornen it's evidence that the policies are failing. he joins us in our studios. welcome. >> thank you. >> i know you have big concerns about what's going on right now with our foreign policy and the event that played out in libya. at this moment would you support the call for the ambassador, ambassador rice, to resign as
9:40 am
well? >> no, because whatever she was doing, it was at the behest of the white house. the white house is the focus of this terrible arrogant ignorance on all things islamic, and on the slaughter, the assassination of four americans. as these details come out, we'll find out that those two former navy seals, who were regional security officers, died four hours later, a mile away, in what must have been the most terrifying shootout of all time. tyrone, have you got any ammo, left? no, i didn't know, bub, his nickname, and slowly they ran out of ammo. probably took out some people and they were slaughtered. the ambassador's body was dragged through the streets, pulled through the window. you could see the red redskins on his back and 30 pulled up around his head, if you drag somebody by their feet, and he was humiliated. we don't know what that word
9:41 am
really means. there's all sorts of horrible stories. the reaction of the white house is typical with this unbelievable obama approach to foreign policy. he thinks he's an expert on islam because he was in indonesia when he was 6, 7, 8 and 9 years of age. i have 15 grandkids. i have three in that age range, 10 and 11. they wouldn't know much about the state they're living in, new york, virginia, or california, where they are. 20 years from now. his arrogance is stunning. if you take tha june 4th of 2009 speech in cairo, he said, i have stopped torture. he's telling them, my predecessor tortured you people. i've stopped torturing muslims. then he rhapsodically said, you're a great religion, and then cordova.
9:42 am
then he said the word "inquisition." the west tortures people. you were glorious. >> he thinks some of his statements like that have also also helped to fuel the anti-american rhetoric. >> the biggest selling in indonesia, not an arab country, but it's the biggest islamic country in the world, the hottest t-shirt is osama bin laden. he's the hero of not just the fringe, but from the middle to the -- to the violent fringe of islam. and they're burning obama in effigy. doesn't he get what that means? they put up a huge paper machair images of monica lewinsky after clinton bombed an innocent pharmaceutical place, and now they're burning obama in effigy because he bragged they killed their hero. that was a series of lies. our seals did not shoot him in the face after shooting his 19-year-old wife in the leg in
9:43 am
front of his children. he was shot in the doorway, and the pentagon gives out the real name, mark owens. >> there's lots to talk about, lots going on. en you're also concerned about the history of islam. i know that this is something you'll be following. we appreciate you joining us today. >> just let me show you one book out of 47 that i've read in the last 11 years, i was reading this book, jihad, when the towers were struck. and if we don't teach our kids about gettysburg, iwo jima and normandy how will we teach them about battles that all of europe would be islamic if we haven't won some of these battles. it's a history problem. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> you bet. my pleasure. >> another page, a football investigation, but it's not the nfl. a pop warner football coach in orange county, california, has been allegedly suspended for
9:44 am
paying 11-year-old players to knock out players on the opposing team. the nonprofit operation pop warner has asked the coach and league president to step down. the clock is ticking down to the first presidential debate. both candidates are looking for a reagan moment that will change this election. >> here illegally, if they go to school here long enough, get a degree here, they can become permanent residents, i think that's a mistake. we have to follow the law and insist those that have come here legally -- >> we'll ask presidential historian douglas brinkley after the break. don't go away. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola,
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>> i believe we have to have an investigation. i'm saying right now the person was out there, the person who was going to get all the glory from doing all the morning shows was ambassador rice. so to send a clear message to the world and to the american people that this will not be tolerated. >> republican congressman peter king is not backing down for his call for ambassador rice to resign. the house homeland security chair saying rice should have to face the consequences for giving out information that was wrong about the libyan embassy attack. both the state department and national security council spokesman have come out in rice's defense saying the information she provided was the best assessment of the
9:49 am
administration -- that the administration had at the time. the u.s. postal service is preparing to default on a $5.6 billion payment to retirees. this is the second time the agency has defaulted in as many months in order to make up for the losses. the postal service is increasing junk mail delivery and making cuts to service in some areas. at long last, football is back, or should i say the referees are back? nfl refs strike a deal, approving a new eight-year contract with the league. this officially ends the lockout that led to a rising chorus of complaints from players, coaches, fans and politicians over fumbles by the replacement refs. game on tomorrow. well, president obama and governor romney are spending much of this weekend doing last-minute preparation for next week's big debate. both campaigns seem to be trying to lower voter expectations. are they going too far? let's ask presidential history douglas brinkley, joining us now live. douglas, great to have you here
9:50 am
today. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> thank you for being here. i know that you offer some valuable insights about presidential history and these debates. the fact that they are trying to lower expectations already with the obama side already saying mitt romney will win the first debate, what do you think that says to the public? >> well, that these are really becoming media entertainment tv extravaganzas. they have since the 1960 kennedy/nixon debate. it became a televised event. richard nixon won if you listened on radio, but if you saw the body language on tv, it was kennedy who won. there was a period of time there were no presidential debates. 1964, '68, '72, none. but back in 1976 these debates came on again. they can be game changers. 1980, ronald reagan was where romney was, behind in the polls. reagan came on and took on an
9:51 am
incumbent president, jim cia why ther, performed well in the debates and the rest is history. it started him on his way to a landslide victory in 1980. >> do you think debates actually help voters decide which person to back if they're on the fence as to which direction to go? >> i think they make a difference, particularly for mitt romney. look, barack obama, whether you love him or dislike him, think he's a great leader or think he's failed, we kind of know what he's going to be like as president. we've had him for 3 1/2 years. mitt romney is still an open book. people have to say, do i want to live with this guy every day? is he going to be quick on his feet? how prone is he to gaffes? does he know how to spar? does he show an inner toughness? in truth the pressure is on mitt romney on this first debate to seem to be -- at least get parity with president obama or victory with the immediate pundit analysis after the game. >> when you have a challenger
9:52 am
going up against an incumbent president, doesn't the debate stage also make it possible for the challenger to also look presidential because you are going head-to-head with the leader of the free world? >> absolutely. i think that's an advantage. give that in the column advantage sitting president. you immediately look presidential. you're arriving with a presidential entourage to denver. on the other hand, you've got to be careful you don't say anything at all controversial or squirrely, because you're not just in a debate, you're representing the united states all over the world. if you say something bizarre it's going too be picked up everywhere. it allows, in this case mitt romney, to be edgier in a putdown statement or zinger or an anecdote that might be off color. he can afford to take more risks. president obama's going to have to be very risk adverse, and just try not to let any of the romney arrows penetrate the armor he has around him.
9:53 am
>> both men are said to be very good debaters, even though the obama campaign is saying that the president hasn't had a debate in some time, mitt romney has had 20 or more over this past election season. do you think there's a chance that mitt romney could be overprepared, overconfident in. >> well, just like you know when you work here at fox, there's some days you feel like you're on fire. you just come in and everything works well. other days things just go wrong. i mean, you can prepare and prepare, but, you know, it's nerve-racking when you'll enter a stage, the stakes are high. there are more lights than you've ever really seen in your life. you can get on that stage, you can freeze a little bit. you don't want to do what al gore did when he debated george w. bush in 2000, seemed robotic or awkward, don't seem like you're one of us. president obama has developed a sort of zenlike unflappable demeanor. it's hard to get him off that game, hard to jar him. so mitt romney needs to try to
9:54 am
do that a little. i would hope they've prepared jokes. ronald reagan was good at the jokes. you also have to know how to deliver them. >> absolutely. >> you can have great jokes written, but if you say them at the wrong minute it will backfire. >> a couple seconds left. what's your favorite debate moment in history? >> i like 1980 when ronald reagan said, ther said, "there o again." there's a whole wikipedia site on that quote. it allowed ronald reagan to triumph. >> great to talk to you today. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. take care. >> lots to look forward to next week. all right, what would you do for the man or woman you love? up next, how this man made his girlfriend's dream come true. stay with us. [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it?
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>> this would be one of the worst flash mobs ever. it's a sweet story. he could propose to his girlfriend. and he says it was his girlfriend loretta's dream to be proposed to this way. of course, she said yes. good for them. and the first presidential debate, and we've been asking, will the debate impact, several of you tweeted for answers, and if you looked at the polls there's a large margin of undecided voters and
9:59 am
the presidential debates narrow the gap? >> i've seen four years of obama, we need a new leader economically and socially. and romney could dance across the stage the last day on his head and i'd vote for him without hesitation. and jamie colby and kelly with more. have a great day, everybody. >> kelly: we begin with a fox news alert. new pressure on america's ambassador to the united nations to resign. susan rice facing mounting criticism for statements she made following the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi, peter king becoming the highest ranking lawmaker to call for her to step down. and congressman king making his case moments ago here on fox news channel. >> if ambassador rice was deliberately misleading t


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